Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why David Farland is my hero

This time last year, I didn't have a writing group. I live in an area with few writers--and almost no genre writers (that I'm aware of). I knew intellectually that a group would be good, but had no idea how to start one. I tried to get a friend to be a two-person group with me, but, well, he was a bigger slacker than I was. Our group was a major failure.

Last April I attended LDStorymakers. In preparation, I researched the many authors who would be presenting at the conference, including David Farland. My research uncovered his Daily Kick, a regular email of writing and industry advice. Naturally, I signed up. (You should, too--it's awesome.)

At the conference, I got to introduce myself to David, and heard his advice on a couple of panels. He knows so much!

After the conference, I went home, determined to Finish. My. Book. But I still didn't have a group.

Round about September, the Daily Kick announced the opening of David Farland's Writer's Groups. Oh-ho! I said. Just what I need! And it was.

I now have the BEST writer's group ever, even though I've only met about half of them IRL. They give excellent advice, tear my work to shreds, and manage to be awfully encouraging all the while.

Also, through Farland's Writers' Groups, I've been given the incredible opportunity to interview bestselling, up-and-coming, and all-around-awesome authors through Farland's Authors' Advisory conference calls. I'm one of two hosts (with Mike Shaffer) and I'm having a blast. We are, to my knowledge (and there's a sad lot that I don't know) the only podcast that allows callers anywhere in the world to call in with their questions in a voice format.

If you don't have a writer's group, check out the groups at David Farland's Writer's Groups. If you enjoy attending writing conventions (or if you've never attended before, or if you can't attend as much as you like), check out the advice on Farland's Authors' Advisory. (Last week I interviewed Dan Wells!)

This week, on Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 9:00 PM EDT, David Farland, himself, will return and will talk to us about How to Sell Your Novel. Mike is interviewing him, but I'll be there, pushing shiny buttons. :) If you have ever had a question about how to sell a novel (and who hasn't?), bring it with you and ask the master. We take caller questions throughout the calls, so don't be shy!

Complete call-in intructions are at the top of the Farland's Authors' Advisory blog.


  1. I understand what you are saying. Fellow writers are hard to come by where I live too. ;) I am so glad you have a brilliant writer's group now!! Yay!

    I wish I could have participated in the conference call this evening! The timing just didn't work out. I would like to do another one though. I *loved* the one you did with The Six. Fun times..... and so informative! :)

  2. What an amazing crit group story! Love how you hooked up with all these writers online and hit it off. And how cool that you're a superstar interviewer. Color me impressed! :-)

  3. Kristin--I had so much fun with The Six! I've been crushing on that group for over a year. :)

    Anita--yay! I'm a superstar! Oh, wait. You probably meant that I interview superstars. Well, that's fun, too. :-D

  4. Interesting. And congrats on your group. :)

    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. Thanks, Lola! So glad you stopped by!