Friday, November 26, 2010


Hope everyone had a Happy Turkey Day! I'm coming down with the sore throat that my boys have been passing around, so they're going to help me with a list of stuff we're thankful for. Whether they like it or not:
  1. D is thankful for "nothing."
  2. C (after reading and laughing at D's response) is thankful for "beating up D."
  3. B (my favorite) is thankful for "you." Meaning me. Not you. Ha.
  4. D is upset that I actually wrote "nothing" and now declares that he is thankful for video games.
  5. C, when given another chance, is now thankful that he can "throw food at D."
  6. B tried to go with his original answer again, but I vetoed it, 'cause there's such a thing as too much gratitude. C suggested that he be thankful for "kicking D's butt." (My kids have a father who has a potty mouth. I take no responsibility. My speech is always as pure as the driven snow.) Finally, B decided he was thankful for snow.
For myself, I'm thankful for:
  1. My boys. Even if none of them came out as a girl. Maybe they'll eventually marry girls who will actually like their m-i-l. Do I have odds on that?
  2. My husband, who lets me read, and write, and read--even when he has no idea what the attraction is. He's unfailingly supportive, even if he will never read anything I write. Including this blog. (Good thing I love him.)
  3. Books. I'm currently reading book #126 for the year (though, really, The Way of Kings, at 1001 pages, should really count as more...). There is no better way to pass the time when you're sick. Or when you're healthy. Or when you're supposed to be doing other things. Last year I read 173, but I'm really trying to write my own, so....
  4. Authors. Even if their books are getting in the way of me writing my own.
  5. My job. I have dreams of becoming a bestselling author and never going back, but it's not a bad way to spend 40 hours a week.
  6. You. Especially if you leave me a comment. :) Thanks for reading.
Any readers crazy enough to brave Black Friday?

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