Thursday, December 2, 2010

The End

Ah, the two sweetest words you can possibly write. The. End. Just send shivers down your spine, don't they? I got to write them for the first time on a novel two nights ago and I'm still glowing.

Now if only I were actually done.

Sadly, I feel more like a fraud. How dare I write such sacred words at the end of such a Swiss-cheese plot? "The End"? Please! Doesn't matter that it's a 102,000 word monstrosity of a YA novel (which are generally much more saleable at half that length) or that I finally, finally got to write (one of) the ending(s) I've been scheming about for too many months to feel proud about. Am I just going to ignore the dangling loose ends? The subplots that got abandoned halfway through? The subplots that popped up out of nowhere right at the end? What about the main plot... which one was that again?

If I were a weaver and my story a rug, I'd fold it up in a trunk and never let it see the light of day.

Which is why it's still a WIP, and not yet a MS. And, since I'm not a weaver, I can get out my scissors and Spackle and, if the crick don't rise, have it looking presentable... someday... and I don't even have to unravel the whole blasted thing first!

But at least I got to write "The End"!


  1. I'm so so, so proud of you for finishing the rough draft. Who cares about the dead-end subplots? It's not supposed to be perfect - that's why they call it a ROUGH draft. There's plenty of time to edit - for now, just enjoy the sweetness of getting it all out on paper (screen)!

  2. Thanks, Susan! It is sweet, just to have the *ahem* whole thing done.

    While I plan for what it really should be. :)

  3. Yay! Congrats, Robin! Writing "The End" is one of the most rewarding things about writing. And don't stress or feel like a fraud. Of course it's not perfect yet--that's what revisions are for.:D

  4. Thanks, Danyelle--but I sure do miss the naievete of being a brand-brand new writer, starting my first book, when I was sure someone would hear I was writing a book and offer me a contract to publish it. Why can't that be reality?

    (Of course, in the sentiment of that Marx brother--I wouldn't want a publishing company that would publish this book as-is....)

  5. Congrats on finishing your first draft!!! That is truly something to celebrate!

  6. Christy--Thanks! Good luck on yours! You and me, girl, will teach the uneducated masses the meaning of the word Geas/Geis. (My book is titled Geas... I saw yours is The Geis.) *Revises quickly so she can be first....* :)