Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Winning Team

In April, I did a blog-swap with Michelle Davidson and posted (on her blog) about how great it was to have writer friends. I used Shannon Hale and Stephenie Meyer as an example of a great writer-friendship.

I'm so smart.

Shannon announced today that Austenland will be made into a movie! Shannon co-wrote the screenplay, so we know it'll be awesome! Keri Russell will star as Jane, and JJ Field will play an-actor-playing-Mr. Darcy!  Filming begins this week in the UK.

Stephenie Meyer is producing it, through her production company, Fickle Fish Films (others are also involved).

I stole this picture from the Twilight Lexicon site:

I, for one, am excited. This is amazing news.


  1. Wahoo! I LOVE AUSTENLAND! - So much fun to read! Now I'll have to go crazy waiting for the movie to be finished. Thanks, Robin. And yes, you are SO smart!

  2. AWESOME. I've been wondering what Meyer was up to these days. Good for her. I think it's just awesome. She wrote an incredible series of books and now she's producing films. What an inspiration. Thanks for sharing the fantastic news.

  3. Aaaagghh! No way! I'm so excited! LOVE Shannon Hale and Stephenie Meyer! I'm excited! :D Obviously... ;)

  4. I see few of you are more coherent than I am about this. :)

    *Squeals some more*