Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Need a Keeper

This week I took a trip to a conference. No, not a writer's conference. This one was related to my day-job. It wasn't half as fun, but I do gotta say, I'm more excited about my day-job now than I was before the conference. We do good work. Just sayin'.

The main thing I learned this week, though, is that I'm absolutely hopeless on my own. Thank goodness my new smart phone has a navigation app, or I'd have gotten lost constantly. Also, it's a very good thing my head is firmly attached to my shoulders, because I guarantee, I'd have walked off without it at some point.

The first morning of the conference (Thursday) I woke up in my hotel room (after staying up too late reading), and tidied up. I put my purse in one of the dresser drawers. Ya know, so the maids wouldn't steal it (because everyone knows that dishonest maids never steal anything that isn't in plain view).

That night, I drove out to Chili's to pick up some take-out. Before I left, I checked for all the things I'd need. Room key, check. Sunglasses, check. Wallet, check. Cell phone for navigation, check. Down the stairs I went, feeling virtuous. And realized I couldn't get into my vehicle. Keys? Fail. I took the elevator back upstairs. And down.

The next morning (Friday, after another too-late-night reading), I got all my stuff packed back up and loaded in the vehicle. Went to the lobby to turn in my key and eat breakfast. Realized I didn't know where I'd put the receipt for Chili's. Got the desk to give me my key back. Went through my bag. ('Cause how embarrassing would it be to go all the way back upstairs and find out I had the receipt in my bag the whole time?) Nada. Left my bag with a colleague... returned to my bag to find the room key I'd just been given. Walked up the stairs. (Check me, huh?) Searched my Chili's garbage. Searched the various drawers I might have stuffed a receipt into. Searched the bed. Nothing. (It occurs to me that I don't now remember searching under the bed. Le sigh.) Ended up returning to Chili's after the conference to beg for another receipt.

Left my car keys on the counter at Chili's. Had to go back in.

Drove two hours home (thank you, cell-phone navigation system). Realized, whilst getting out of my vehicle, that I didn't have my purse. Because I'd cleverly hidden it from the maids in the dresser drawer.

Apparently, the maids discovered it soon after I checked out and called my house. My sister-in-law and her husband picked it up for me that night. Until we go back up, I'm without a few keys, a library book, and some various lotions.

The take-away?

  1. Give any hotel I stay in my cell-phone number.
  2. Make a list of what I've brought so I can make sure I take it all away with me.
  3. Never travel without my husband. I obviously need a keeper.
What about you? Should you be allowed to leave the house by yourself?


  1. Oh, Robin. It's all that sleep deprivation, girl!

  2. Oh no! I have a friend that's like this when she travels. That's the key, to travel with family or friends so they can help you keep track of things. ;)

  3. Hehehe! Great story Robin :) I'm the opposite and my hubby needs the keeper.

  4. Donna--whatev. I can stay up as late as I want. You're not my mom!

    Heather--So true! Travel is much to complicated to undertake alone. I have a hard enough time remembering the details of my normal life!

    Angie--Next time I go to a writer's conference, I'm taking you with me, so you can keep track of the details. :)

  5. ha hee
    in our house, im the keeper and the finder =)

  6. I can't believe how much you sounded just like me. I used to have a pair of keys (I have since lost) that said, "Keys I have not lost yet."
    I'll bet the finder of those keys had a real laugh:)

  7. I can't believe how much you sounded just like me. I used to have a pair of keys (I have since lost) that said, "Keys I have not lost yet."
    I'll bet the finder of those keys had a real laugh:)

  8. Ugg we all have those times. I don't know who can keep track of everything. Its not me!

  9. Wow. That is some serious travel brain. I am not that bad, but I check every bed, drawer, and corner before I leave a hotel because I am totally paranoid. I practically had anxiety attacks last time we used the in room safe. I was sure I would forget and leave something important (like my purse)in it.

  10. Nope - I need a keeper, too! I do that kind of thing all the time. Also? It's so nice to meet someone else who needs a navigation app on their phone!!

  11. Probably a hormonal thing. It happens.

    I'm one of those anal, OCD types (no, not a type, I have OCD) who is so completely organized that I leave nothing to chance and so I don't typically have days like that. I keep everything on my iPhone and it is ALWAYS in my hand. So when I leave the house, I know I'm in order.

    Except for the fact that I constantly leave the damn iPhone in the house. Good thing I can't drive without my (iPod) tunes, or else I'd likely drive away with my life left on the kitchen counter.

  12. I have a similar story from the last time I went down to Irvine for my job. I have to go back next week, and I'm worried it will happen again. This time I was smart enough to get on-board navigation. So, I hope I won't try to go to Disneyland instead of the airport this time. ;0)