Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tag: 10 Random Facts About Me

In the Platform Builders Campaign, I'm in Group 30: Urban Fantasy(1), where we're having fun with our first group challenge: twitter-tagging each other on our blogs. I was tagged by Megan Nafke (@Megan Nafke).

I don't know many of my group members well yet, but I'm tagging the following four fabulous females:

Lori M. Lee (@LoriMLee)--I've been seeing Lori around the web for months now, since we always seem to join the same contests. Her entries are always amazing, dang it.

Shannon Lawrence (aka The Warrior Muse) (@thewarriormuse)--I just love her moniker... and her blog ain't bad, either.

Miss Cole-Burke: (@MissColeBurke)--she's English (I'm half English), and she likes YA-UF for all the same reasons I do. :)

Amanda Leigh Cowley (@millymoomandy)--she writes adult UF (which is also good), has an ebook available, and posts a new Magic Eye picture every Friday! My eyes are having trouble focusing right now....

Okay, so now here's the 10 Random Facts about Me. I've done lots of About Me lists, so I'm getting my three sons to help me with this one:

So, boys, what are some random things about me?

  1. D: You like books

  2. C: You read books a lot

  3. B: You're writing a book right now

  4. D: You have three boys

  5. C: You like House

  6. B: You want a girl 

  7. D: (channeling daddy) Which is not happening

  8. C: (also channeling daddy) We won't have any more children

  9. B: (vying for favorite) You love us!

  10. C: (claiming the last spot) You go to work.

Also, in high school, I had the coolest Magic Eye poster on the back of my bedroom door: it was a knight with a sword protecting a damsel in distress from a flying dragon. Castle included. So. Awesome.

What posters did you have on your teenage walls?

Added: Oh, and my dragon obsession is explained by my birth year: The Year of the Dragon.
What's yours?


  1. Ohh, I'd never heard of the Platform Builders Campaign. Interesting.

    My walls currently have three posters and three poster-ish things:

    Posters: a really awesome, colorful night sky; Disney villains; and the Hunger Games poster

    Poster-ish: "Revise: You know you want to," My All-American certificate thing, and my half-filled revision outline

  2. Taryn--I love that you have Disney villains instead of princesses. :)

  3. I love that your kids answered for you :) So fun!

  4. Angie--and don't I sound interesting as seen by my progeny? :P

  5. I love that you got your sons to help you haha. And teen me had unicorns on my walls LOL (not much has changed). Teen me also had Hanson on my wall though (THAT has changed).

  6. Posters? I'm not sure posters had been invented when I was in high school because I cannot remember if I had any up.


  7. Lori--unicorns are cool. :) At least you came to you senses about Hanson! :)

    Donna--I didn't hang many posters, either. Just the one, really.

  8. I'm the year of the snake. Ssssss.

    I worked at a theater in high school, so I had several movie posters (Three Musketeers and The Crow come to mind), as well as a James Bond standee and a Little Rascals fence standee. I still have the posters!! But they aren't on a wall.

  9. Year of the rat over here! Maybe that explains my obsession with cheese... ;-)

    How cute is that that you let your boys answer for you! That sounds like a cool Magic Eye poster... I never can get those things.

    OK, I confess: At 13, my walls were plastered with Spice Girls posters. In my defence, I was right in their target age group, and as a girl, I couldn't help but want to latch onto the whole "Girl Power" bandwagon.