Thursday, July 12, 2012

HNTWAQ: Practice... Poll

Randy suggested that I make How NOT to Write a Query: Practice a regular feature on my blog. I'm happy to do so, but I thought I'd get a feel for interest, first. Therefore, over in the left sidebar (that's stage right for you theatre geeks), you will find a new poll, which will be open for... um... one week. Unless no one votes, in which case I might leave it there longer, just to advertise my unpopularity as long as possible.

Since I know how hard it is to understand the subtext in short sidebar options, here's the explanation for each:
Option Numba One:Why, yes, Robin, I would love to have you critique more real-life queries on your blog. I do so enjoy the carnage. Rip, tear, shred some more!
Option Numero Dos:Not only would I like to see you critique more real-life queries on this-here blog, but I would enjoy submitting my own query because I have a really, really thick skin and it tickles me to no end when someone points out all the ways I can do things wrong.
Op-ti-oh-nay III:I'd love to see more queries critiqued here AND I've been planning to jump on in and help critique the queries myself someday. Yanno, just in case there comes a time when you don't say it all perfectly first.
Option-the-Fourth:Well, see, I've already read your query critiques and really can't imagine that you have more to share, so I probably won't be reading any more of them. Plus, dang, are they LOOONG!
Option Final-Five:Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to have you do query critiques when you can't even land an agent yourself? Talk about blind-leading-the-blind! Just stop while you're ahead, k?
And that's all I can think of for now. You can select as many as you want. Do feel free to leave comments, as well, and to make up your own options as you do so. Unlike queries, this poll is rule-free. Please feel free to leave comments or just vote in the poll anonymously. I'm also interested in comments on how often you'd like to see query crits here (if at all). I'm leaning toward once a month.


UPDATE: I couldn't see the votes, so I shortened the responses... but it deleted the 2 votes I had. Sorry!


  1. I wanted to clairify my vote. While I don't mind the query portion of this blog, I really miss the discusion of good (or bad) writing technichies that you used to talk about. Things such as the EM dash, commas, plotting, etc. Those by far have been the most valuable posts you have made to help me in my writing efforts.

  2. I think query critiques and tips would be welcome, but in moderation. Maybe once or twice a month. There are already websites that critique queries weekly, and your blog has a much broader focus that you don't want to ignore.

  3. I agree with Eric and Phil; occasional query critiques are welcome, but strong writing trumps a query and learning the craft, IMO, should be a writer's primary focus. I enjoy connecting with other writers and bloggers and happy to participate in whatever you choose to feature on your blog.

  4. Since I'm on to the crap hole synopsis writing I wouldn't be much help, but I can tell you that I like reading your query posts:)

  5. I think this as a regular feature would be fun. But define "regular". I don't know that you'd need to do it weekly, for example.

    1. I was thinking once a month at most.