Friday, August 31, 2012

Contest Alert: PitchMadness

Sorry for the late warning on this one, guys, but I wanted to tell you anyway. Polish up your 35 word pitch (exact word count) and the first 150 words (end at the end of the sentence) of your completed manuscript and go here for more details.

Submission windows: 
Saturday, September 1:
1ST SUBMISSION TIME: 12:00 pm EDT (EST-NY time) first 100.
2ND SUBMISSION TIME: 6:00 pm EDT (EST-NY time) first 100.
Tuesday, September 4:
3RD (Extra!) SUBMISSION TIME: 10:00 am EDT (EST-NY time) first 100.
Visit Brenda Drake's blog for more details on proper formatting and for the email address to send to.


  1. I see a lot of Tweets about this right now:-) Are you participating?

    1. Yup--I sent in my email a few seconds after the window opened, so now I'm waiting to see if I was fast enough. Only the first 100 are accepted.... :)

  2. I made it into the first round on the very first submission window! Yay!

    Of course, since they started judging immediately, there's a very good chance that I got kicked out before the second window opened. So that's sad. :)