Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pitching at LTUE

What is LTUE, you ask? Only one of the coolest, most cost-efficient SFF symposiums EVER. Just check out my LTUE label for all the coolness of the past two years.

THIS year, LTUE gets even cooler. First, yours truly is officially on the Writing Track Committee! Thank you, thank you. Hold your applause. My main role on the committee? Setting up our first ever Pitch Sessions! (Now you can applaud.)

We have an awesome line up of editors and an amazing agent who will be at the symposium and who will sit down with you (for the small fee of $20) for ten minutes to listen to your pitch on your book. Then they can decide if they want to read more. Which, of course, will inevitably lead to an offer, followed quickly by fame and fortune.* Cool, huh?

I'll update this link when I can, but go check out the LTUE site starting Friday morning to see who is taking pitches and to register for the symposium (only $30 for three days of awesome). Then, starting 9:00 am MDT on Saturday, January 19, you can register for your own pitch session!

I fully expect the best slots to go fast, so you might want to clear your schedule for Saturday morning. Just saying.

*Results may vary


  1. Where's the instant fame, no effort clause?

    1. Yeah, that died with my last blog. Here, all you get is cold, hard, reality. ;)

  2. Great job, Robin. So this is what you've been working on.

  3. Man I wish I could go!

    -- david j.

  4. Congrats Robin on your fancy title :)
    I will be there with bells on. I just wish I had something worth pitching (Yes, this is a pity party. Everyone's invited.)

  5. Well hey there stranger! I'm slowly trying to reconnect with all my friends after taking a blog break. This conference sounded awesome last year and sounds even better this year. Will you be pitching?

    I love your new blog look!

    1. Welcome back from hibernation, Deana!

      I'm not pictching because I'm the Pitch Master… meaning I'm running the pitches, not that I've mastered pitching. ;)

      Wish you could be there!