Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Debut Alert: FEUDLINGS

I have an amazing friend named Wendy Knight, who rode with me this year to LTUE, resisted the urge to freeze my bra during our LTUE slumber party at Donna Weaver's house, and monitored one of the pitch session rooms for me. She. Is. Awesome!

Also, she's an awesome writer, and her debut book, published by Astrae Press, is out TODAY! Behold the pretty!

I think the cover and tagline sell the book all by themselves, but here's the blurb anyway:

Nothing makes a new school suck worse than discovering the guy you’re in love with is your prophesied nemesis.
Ari is the most powerful flame-throwing sorceress ever, and her people’s last hope in an ancient war. But she’s also a seventeen-year-old girl, and in her free, not-hunting-nemesis times, she jumps from school to school, trying to figure out regular people her own age and pretending she’ll get the chance to graduate.
Shane lives a double life. He goes to school and masters the art of popularity, hiding the fact that he has a fate with a slim chance of his survival. He’s destined to end a 300 year-old war by killing or being killed. He knows he’s hunted by a powerful enemy who’s not afraid to die. Only problem? He has no idea who that enemy is.
When Ari shows up at Shane’s school, angry and sullen and determined to keep him at arm’s reach, neither of them realize they are supposed to be killing each other, not falling in love. Until Ari does realize it, and she almost dies – by Shane’s hand.

Awesome, no? You want to buy it, don't you? It should be up on all major ebook sites very soon, and I'll update this post once it is (or you can go search Amazon yourself--just saying), but for now it's available on the Astrae Press website. This book will start as an ebook, but will transition to print as soon as a certain number of copies are sold.

I'm just so proud of Wendy. She's such a sweet girl and I'm excited to see her taking this step (though, as always, I'm concerned about her dubious choice of high-heeled boots--not the best for support on rocky terrain). Also, it's fun to watch her hyperventilate in our online chat group. Just saying. :)

So how do you like the cover?


  1. Thank you Robin! I totally swear to never freeze your bra, no matter how many slumber parties we have.

    1. You, like, aren't expecting the same promise, right? 'Cause I'm totally planning to do that sometime when I'm not totally exhausted at a con slumber party. It could happen.

  2. This book is such a fun read! You can see my take on it on the 21st.

  3. I still am in love with this cover. If I knew nothing else about the book, I would buy it solely on that alone!