Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hopping happy, 'cause POSSESSION is here!!

POSSESSION by Elana Johnson is finally in stores!!! To honor the day, Elana is hosting a blog hop, so I'm adding to my recent flood of blog posts to participate. How can I resist?

Since the heroine in POSSESSION is a bit of a rule-breaker, blog-hoppers must confess to a time when they broke the rules. Boringly, I haven't broken many rules in my life. (Hi, mom!) I mean, yeah, I did my share of toilet-papering (SOO much fun!), sneaking candy out of my parent's room, and those pesky traffic rules are sort of bendable, but all in all I was not a hellion.

So instead, I'll relate the story of when I stole POSSESSION. Sort of.

Elana and I were on the same panel at Life, the Universe, and Everything. Afterward, I snuck over to her side of the table and, while she was distracted talking to her fans, swiped her display copy of POSSESSION off the table, whipped it open, and commenced reading. Only, it was really INCARCERON.

Elana didn't have one of her own ARCs to show around, so she'd slapped her paper cover on INCARCERON so she'd have something to display. I thought that was so hilarious, I was almost able to overcome my disappointment. I had another chance at a sneak peek during LDStorymakers, this time of the real book, but I'd already read the excerpt online and figured I'd never get enough time with it to find my spot. :(

However, the wait is over, and I made a super-special trip to the bookstore just now, where I found this:

See how smart my book store is?
 And now I have this:
Look how pretty it is! And it's mine! MINE!!
So now I'm going to get off the computer and start reading. Yay!!!

If you want to participate in the blog hop, there are a few hours left--or you can at least visit the lovely blogs of POSSESSION fans across the internet.


  1. That story is priceless. You need to scrapbook it with a picture of you and Elana :)

  2. That's such a good idea! Now if only I'd EVER been smart enough to take a picture with her! :) I guess that'll have to be on my to-do-list.

  3. Good post. You need the "stage directions" to keep the dialogue sounding active and give the reader a break. Nothing wears a reader out like long passages of dialogue.

  4. LOL - Well, INCARCERON's a really good read, too :) I talked myself out of making a special trip to the bookstore today to get POSSESSION, but now, seeing your copy, I'm so jealous I just might have to head down to Borders right now!

  5. JD--I'm going to pretend that your comment is on the last post. And, yes, the long sections of talking were very wearing.

    Susan--nah nah na-nah NAH! I got it first!

  6. Hahaha! That's what you get for trying to steal a book. But hey, I admit it's a book I would be tempted to steal too. So happy you finally got yours.

    Thanks for joining our blog hop!

  7. Hmm, looks like the Thinkers got you! hahaha, that's a pretty funny story though! Glad you've got the book now :)

  8. Nicole--yes, it was a very karmic moment. :)

    Windy--do the Thinkers have me or do I have them? Since, really, they live in the book, right? And not outside it. Ever. At all. Right?

  9. Wow, Possession is getting some great shout outs today! You're the second blog to highlight it. LOVE that book cover!!

  10. Anita--what you can't see in the pic is the lovely pearlescent shine of the book cover. It's sooo pretty!

  11. Yay, Elana and Possession. I'm getting mine on Saturday when she comes here for a signing.

    TAG, Robin. You're it! Check my blog to see what I'm talking about.

  12. That is so funny! Thanks for sharing that with us - I love it! And Wahoo - thanks for following on my blog! I was thinking I'd already signed up to follow on yours, but I see that I hadn't! Good Grief! Here I go to follow! I loved meeting you at Boot Camp and getting the chance to read your talent-infused, fun, intriguing story!

  13. Donna--Thanks! I'll be accepting tags later this week. :)

    Brenda--thanks! I loved meeting you! I, also was a bit shocked to realize I hadn't followed your blog yet. What a bunch of slackers we are! :)

    (Speaking of rules, I think the rule for exclamation points is waived for blog comments. At least, I hope so.)