Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tagged (or, about me and my homies)

I got tagged twice this week. Twice! Such awesome friends I have.

Deana Barnhart tagged me first. She's one of the newer members of my writing group and has an awesome blog. She's doing a "Gearing Up to Get an Agent" Blogfest going on right now that is such perfect timing for me, it's like she planned it with me in mind. Thanks, Deana!

Donna Weaver tagged me next. Donna is a kindred spirit. She let me drag her around at LTUE, let me stay at her house, let me read her copy of Anna and the French Kiss, and is an awesome crit group member. Her blog is chock full of writing advice and tales of her world travels. Go check it out!

The tag rules are mostly the same, so I'm only responding once.

1. Do you think you're hot?

HA! Who cares? My husband thinks I'm hot, and that's all that matters, yes?

2. Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment.

I use Webshots, which rotates a bunch of different pictures, but this is the one I intentionally downloaded to help me with my WIP:

3. When was the last time you ate chicken?

After my 12-hour day at work Friday, my husband took me to dinner, where I ate one piece of his hot-not-wings chicken and about three bites of my fiesta lime chicken. (Both came home with us and are waiting in the fridge for lunch.)

4. The song(s) you listened to recently.

Um...??? I'm sure there was some sort of song on the radio on my date with my hubby, but I actually turned it off so I could practice The Bells. The radio almost exclusively plays country music. If I'm cleaning my house, I'll often turn on Broadway show tunes. On the rare occasion I listen to music while I write, it's lyric-less instrumental, like the Twilight soundtrack.

I'm jealous of Donna's music video on her tag blog, so this is one of my favorite songs at the moment. I love the words and the Anne of Green Gables allusions in the video. As much as I like Anne, though, if I was at all good at that sort of thing, I'd make a book trailer for Hunger Games with it:

5. What were you thinking as you were doing this?

Is there any way to tie random facts about me into a writing tip? No? Dang.

6. Do you have nicknames? What are they?

In high school, one of my friends would call me random boy names like Fred. Yanno, 'cause my real first name is a boy's name. I'd just answer anytime she talked. :) I also get called Amber a lot--not as a nickname, but as an I-forgot-your-real-name-and-you-obviously-look-like-an-Amber name. This even from people who have never heard my maiden name (which is Ambrose).

7. Tag 8 Blogger Friends:

Shelly Brown--who auditioned for my college theatre of the absurd directing project and ended up as the perfect Elle. (She's still a bit absurd.) I ran into her at LDStorymakers in May and I've been following her brand-new blog ever since.

Chantele Sedgwick--who interviews aspiring authors on her blog (including me, coming up on July 7th!) and is such a cool writer and blogger. She's awesome.

Jenn Johansson--who recently got an agent and who will soon have a publishing contract. Because her book is THAT good. You're gonna love it.

Susan Jensen--who had the dubious pleasure of the room by the kitchen and so was the designated "Robin-your-boss-is-calling-wondering-why-you're-not-at-your-early-morning-custodial-job-again" girl, freshman year of college. Also the one who went with me to my very first writer's conference, who wrote a book in, like a month, and who will have a more appropriate acknowledgement if when my book is published. But only if she promises to give it an A on her book blog.

Anita Howard--who has the scariest avatar I've ever seen, is represented by Jenny Bent, writes about a twisted Alice in Wonderland, and who blogs about awesome writing topics, like how Labyrinth is like the modern YA novel. :)

Julia King--who is beta-switching with me right now, and will soon be my query-buddy. Also has an awesome writing blog.

Heidi Tighe--who is also a newer member of my writing group, is beta-reading my book in all her spare time, and, I hope, is bringing her awesome college English instructor powers to bear to rip, tear, and shred it.

Ashley Graham--who is brave and good and talented and wise and inspirational and who exemplifies determination.

In Poetry Summer news, I have The Bells memorized, but am still reciting it at every opportunity so I can keep it forever. Also, because I keep forgetting the odd word. :P


  1. Personally, I think you look like a Robin! Just sayin'. ;) Thanks for the tag by the way. You're sweet! :)

  2. Thanks a lot, AMBER! Just kidding, this one looks fun. I'll respond sometime this weekend. Love you!

  3. Thanks, Chantele! I hate picking who to tag, but you were an obvious choice.

    Susan--if you weren't such a good friend, you wouldn't get mentioned so much!

  4. Loved your "tag" responses. I am especially happy to have found a fellow country music fan! :) And I am with you on using that song to make a book trailer for HUNGER GAMES. Wouldn't that be cool??

  5. Kristin--I married into my country music fan-dom. :) Still, it's pretty cool.

    I think I heard that song right after I read Hunger Games and for the longest time, hearing it would literally bring me to tears. It's so perfect, isn't it? Maybe after the movie is out, I'll get someone to teach me how and have some fun.... :)