Saturday, August 13, 2011

Need Another Time-Waster?

I'm supposed to be finishing my edit today. I have two lovely stacks of paper in front of me. My line edit and my mom's line edit. They're all set to be transferred to the computer. I even opened the document.

Other things I've accomplished today:

  1. Cleaned the dust off the computer desk (so it wouldn't soil my lovely paper piles)

  2. Unloaded, loaded, and ran the dishwasher

  3. Set up my kids with games on the laptop ('cause I'm using the big computer to finish my edit)

  4. Fed my kids breakfast and lunch

  5. Ate lunch myself (need energy for all the editing I'm about to do)

  6. Researched alternate royal titles and Irish names

  7. Watched Bugs & Daffy escape from jail (while sitting in my computer chair--I really need a separate office if I'm going to get editing done)

  8. Laughed at Phineas and Ferb (who can resist that show?)

  9. Wiped off a counter in the kitchen

  10. Read a bunch of blogs (mostly about editing--'cause I need to, like, edit)

  11. Pondered favorite time-wasters

  12. This blog post

I'm sure YOU never have a problem with this, but should you ever need to let your mind rest from your WIP, I'd like to tell you about one of my favorite online games: Wizzball.

To play, you start out with a board shadowed to helpfully show you where the pieces will go. The list at the bottom shows you which pieces you have to play with.

Placing all the pieces correctly will help you take the little black ball from the chute to the goal! Fun, hey? But wait! There's MORE!

You can also create and submit your OWN puzzles, so others can solve them! Doesn't that sound fun? Almost as fun as writing a whole book that others can enjoy. And it takes a lot less time, too.

This here is my very own creation. Can you see my subliminal message about what I SHOULD be working on instead?

Then, um, I tried to submit it. And realized that there are some really stupid rules about unused blocks. And that the unused blocks can flash RED!! What better way to help my blog readers see my subliminal message, thought I.


And now I feel strangely compelled to work on my WIP. Don't you?

Okay, I'm gonna get back to work. Really. Right now. Watch me go....

(What are your favorite time-wasters online? Yanno, in case I need more ideas. Like, after I'm done with this edit. 'Cause I'm so totally getting back to work. Right. Now.)


  1. You totally cracked me up! And yeah, Phineas and Ferb are WAY distracting. Good luck with the edit!

  2. Would you believe that, AFTER I wrote the post, I got sucked into the PF 2D Movie?


    At least I'm folding laundry, too.

  3. great day in the, what time is it?
    no, i didnt need another time waster, but i sure like that game! thanks for showing it to me =)

  4. This post made me laugh. We are having the same day except I'm watching Jack (the one with Robin Williams) and Chicken Little. My youngest watched FB 2d 3 times at his grandparents house yesterday, so we aren't watching it, but he's still quoting the movie every few minutes. Now I must try to work on my edits...

  5. Haha! It's so easy to procrastinate. Especially when it feels like a productive procrastination!

    My FAVORITE (slash least favorite) online time waster is the game Zuma. It's a regular stand-alone game, and it's a facebook game. Seriously? BEST. GAME. EVER. I have completely banned myself from playing it again during my lifetime.

  6. Tara--you're very welcome! Think of me when you play! :)

    Jenny--the movie is over, and I'm back at it. Or, well, I'm ready to start. Funny how the piles are still all neat and showing the first page.

    Petty--socks all folded. No more excuses. (Fortunately, I suck at Zuma, so I've never seen the draw.) :)

  7. I can never understand it. I think about working on my project all day, and when I can finally sit down and work on my project, my brain resists. What is that? Ugh

  8. Donna--sound like you need to try some Wizzball.... :D

  9. Great post!

    My time waster of the week was chatting with you and Donna on FB when I was supposed to be cleaning the house. But you guys are SO fun to talk with that I forsook the cleanliness of my house (I did get SOME laundry folded) LOL

    Oh, and checking everyone's blogs when I'm supposed to be writing.

    But I just LOVE TALKING SO MUCH!!!! ;)

  10. Shelly--yeah, you gotta watch out for Donna. She's much too interesting for productivity. :)

    Of course, cleanliness is SO overrated.

  11. Yay for Phineas and Ferb! My kids love that show! And so do I ... :) Things I've accomplished this morning...

    Went to the gym for 30 min.
    Now working on writing. When I stop looking at other blogs. :)

  12. These are some great time wasters:) I'm having a pretty easy time of it as I am trying to catch up on my 800 emails since my internet came back up. Catch up today. Write tomorrow!

  13. Chantele--at least you exercised! Way to go!

    Deana--catching up on emails is hard! Good luck with that!