Sunday, August 7, 2011

Poetry Summer Week 11: You'll Love Me Yet by Robert Browning

Sonnet 130 is lots of fun--I saw it performed (rather amateurishly) while I was in high school, and I've liked it ever since.

I've quite run out of poems I know that I want to memorize, so I appealed to my friend JD for timely IM help. He had lots of great suggestions, but I finally settled on You'll Love Me Yet by Robert Browning. It's written by a man, but I like to read it with an eye toward a writer wanting to get published. I've read a lot of posts lately on the power of perseverance in this business. If we keep writing (so everyone says), we'll eventually see success.

Hopefully it will come before death.

You'll Love Me Yet
by Robert Browning

YOU'LL love me yet!—and I can tarry 
Your love's protracted growing: 
June rear'd that bunch of flowers you carry, 
From seeds of April's sowing. 

I plant a heartful now: some seed 
At least is sure to strike, 
And yield—what you'll not pluck indeed, 
Not love, but, may be, like. 

You'll look at least on love's remains, 
A grave 's one violet:
Your look?—that pays a thousand pains. 
What 's death? You'll love me yet!

What do you think? Is everyone right about persistence?


  1. How pretty, and kinda short compared to others you've memorized this summer.

    Hey, I tagged you. You gonna play?

  2. You know what Robin,great blog post. But that is not really why I'm here. It's because I've been reading your book and I am just loving it. So not done yet, but I thought you should know that it is one that I keep thinking about even after I've put it down to do other stuff. BEcause I have to. So good:)

  3. I'm impressed at your perseverance at memorizing poems. I love reading them, but I rarely memorize them. Hat's off to you!

  4. LOVE Browning.

    Fell in love with Browning and Tennyson in my college Brit Lit classes. Sooo good.

  5. Donna, I'm just gonna direct everyone to your blog--I can't answer those questions better than you did!

    Thanks, Deana and JD!

    Jolene! Have any suggestions for my last poem for the summer? I need a good one.... :)