Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kreative Blogger Award

I'm still bummed that I didn't get to go to Brodi Ashton's launch party, so I'm soothing my feel-bads by accepting a blogger award!

This one is from Jenny Kaczorowski (which, for the record, is REALLY hard to spell without looking), an awesome friend who has helped me tons with my query lately.

Isn't it pretty?
So here's what I have to do:
  1. Post 10 things you may not know about me 
  2. Pass it along to six other bloggers.

Ready for another random list of useless Robin trivia?
  1. In elementary school, I was the skinniest kid in the class. Then puberty came calling and I never clued in that I couldn't eat whatever I wanted anymore. Worse, I fell for that "I'm eating for two" thing during my first pregnancy. WHY didn't anyone tell me that was a myth? Yeah, like a human the size of a bean needs his own large serving of lasagna.
  2. In middle school, I won a school writing contest with a short story about a little girl who was abused by her mother. My mother was not amused.
  3. I'm my mother's clone. Which is awesome, because when I was 23, she was mistaken for my sister.
  4. I've been acting and singing since I was very young and was in a children's singing group called the Rainbow Connection. I still can't stand that song, but several of my elementary school pictures featured me in my RC costume. Heaven knows why. 
  5. I cut bangs into my hair for that group and spent the next five years trying to grow them out.
  6. In middle school, my choir teacher was Mr. Broomhead.  When I went to high school, the high school hired Mr. Broomhead as choir teacher, where he continued to teach me through senior year Madrigals. (YONC!) When I graduated, Mr. Broomhead went on to teach at BYU. Sadly, I never took his choral class, since I was keeping my evenings free in case I landed a part in one of the major plays. I took private voice lessons instead.
  7. I never landed a part in any of the major plays, though I did get to act in some student projects.
  8. I settled on a directing emphasis and the fabulous Shelly Brown starred in my Mask Club play for my intermediate directing class.
  9. I haven't even ATTENDED a play in years and I miss it sooo much! Too bad being in plays is such a time suck.
  10. I sing in my church choir, but my favorite singing group is with my mother and sisters. We all have the same voice (ok, well, my sister's is better), so blending is no problem.
And I'm giving this award to...
  • Krista Van Dolzer for her awesome contests
  • Ru for her fearlessly hilarious posts
  • Deana Barnhart, blogfester extraordinaire
  • Shelly Brown (who blogs with her husband), because I'd feel guilty if I mentioned her and didn't give her the award, and not because she's hilarious or anything
  • Brenda Drake, another of my favorite contest sites
  • Donna Weaver, who packs good advice onto her blog and lets me stay at her house for LTUE
Boy, that's hard to choose. If I didn't pick you, don't fret. Blogger awards are the chain-mail of the blogosphere, so you're sure to get it eventually. :)

So who got to go to Brodi's book launch last night? Was it awesome?


  1. Thanks Robin!! I really appreciate it :)

  2. Thanks, Robin, for thinking of me.

    I love that about your mom not being amused about your story. ROFL

  3. So your mom was mistaken for your sister, and not the other way around? ;)

    1. Sorry, that could have been more clear. Couple of brothers thought she was my sister. They were my age. She was upset when I corrected them. :)

      Sounds like I embarrassed my mom a lot growing up, doesn't it?

  4. Fun info :) I'm totally jealous you know Shelly and Donna in real life!

  5. You should be! They're awesome! Are you coming to LTUE or LDStorymakers? You can meet them yourself!

  6. I would've nominated you, too:):) And Deana, and Donna . . . but you beat me to the punch *shaking fist in the air! J/K. Congrats on your award, it's well deserved, my friend!

    1. Back atcha, Jamie! :) So glad I "met" you. :)

  7. Congrats, Robin! I love to sing, too. I sang in a choir for many years and competed in school. I so miss that. Guess my shower will have to do.

    1. Oh, we should sing together sometime! :)

  8. Aww, thanks for thinking of me! I've got to say you had me cracking up on that bean eating a full serving of lasagna:) I was that person too. I was so that person!

    1. Awful the lies we tell ourselves when we have the slightest excuse to be self-indulgent, huh?