Thursday, January 12, 2012

Query Contest Hosted by Jamie Ayres

Nicole Resciniti
Just popping in to direct your attention to an awesome query contest going on over at Jamie Ayres' blog. She's accepting the first 20 queries emailed to her and, on the 18th, will post them on her blog for comments by blog followers and by agent Nicole Resciniti with The Seymour Agency. I just sent mine--you should, too!


  1. Just signed up. I need all the query help I can get:)

  2. Oh...sad, I just went over to sign up and it was closed. :( Good luck you guys!!

  3. So sorry, Ryann:(:( Guess I'll have to host another contest when I hit 200 followers! Thanks so much for reposting, Robin!

  4. So welcome, Jamie! Didja notice that I didn't post until I'd sent in my own? :P

    Sorry you missed it, Ryann!

    Glad you're in, too, Deana and Donna!