Friday, March 2, 2012

Oh, Yeah, and a Cool Pitch Contest

My sons think it is cool to shorten words. So this is a "pitch":

Don't you feel cool? I should totally ask them how to shorten my actual pitches, too.

I totally meant to tell you about Brenda Drake's contest, too, but didn't remember it until this morning. There is only one very small window left, starting at 10 PM EST TODAY. They're accepting a very limited number of entries, and then they're having an agent auction. Nothing can be cooler.

Go here RIGHT NOW for complete details. You'll need a 35-word pitch and the first 150 words. Go! Go!


  1. I want to play, but neither my YA or MG novel is ready for prime time. This revising stuff is hard. XD

    -- david j.

  2. I've been waiting for this one. Good luck to those that enter!

  3. Ha ha! It reminds me of when my brother was little and awkward, and started calling our dad "Fath" instead of "Father" or "Dad" or "Daddy". Good thing he didn't do the same thing with Mom, or it would have sounded even weirder!