Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Worry Got Me in the End, Dang It

So after last Friday's post, I'm sure you were all admiring my stalwart let's-wait-and-see attitude, right?


I actually managed to keep that nice, healthy outlook until about Saturday afternoon. That's two days before we got the next blood test results. For those two days... well, it wasn't pretty. We had to open a new box of tissues. Hubby had to assume the role of optimist to keep me from going off the deep end. I was pretty much completely useless. Also, it turns out that I do NOT write when I'm super-stressed. I read mindless romances and watch mindless TV.

Saturday, hubby and I watched a marathon of InkMaster. All. Day. The whole season. (The best guy totally won.) Before Saturday, I had never watched a show that revolved around tattooing. I may never watch any more, but it was fascinating enough and mindless enough to get me through the day.

Sunday, our extended family had a special fast (that's going without food and water for two meals, then praying really hard). Because my father's family is still in England, this was international. My sister Heather reported that her seven-year-old participated in the fast voluntarily and without whining. That's phenomenal. We also benefited from the prayers and well-wishes of hundreds of friends--both online and IRL--and other family. Some who know my dear boy, some who haven't even met me.

We've been truly humbled by the outpouring of support.

Didn't stop me from being terrified as Sunday night rolled around, but it sure helped to know so many people were pulling for our little family.

So, after all that ado, I have good news: it's probably not cancer.

His white blood cell count is back up into low-normal range. They're testing for some viruses and they'll probably be doing regular blood tests to check into that white-blood-cell issue, but he went back to school Tuesday after a week and a half away. We're not out of the woods, and they haven't ruled much out at this point, but things are looking very, very hopeful.

Thank you to everyone who sent prayers our way. I can't say how grateful I am.

If you ever want to write a story with a stalwart, logic-first mother who thinks she can avoid worrying about the unknown where her children are concerned, feel free to interview me. :)


  1. Oh gosh Robin, I'd be a total nervous wreck! That's one of every parent's worst nightmares. I'm relieved that it might not be cancer, but I hope you get more definite answers soon and I pray that it's good news and nothing bad.

    1. From your lips... Er, fingers... Well, anyway, thanks. :)

  2. I'm so glad it's not the worst case scenario. I hope you get some answers soon! I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. *hugs*

  3. *hugs* Just goes to show we can play at being strong, but it does't mean it's not eating us alive inside.

    I'm so glad things are looking better. He's a cutie!

  4. What an adorable little man! My fingers are crossed for you and your family. Childhood cancer is so scary, it's a subject that hits close to home and inspired my book. I think it would be impossible not to worry. There is nothing harder than feeling helpless where your kids are concerned.

    I'm so glad that the tests are showing some good news!Hugs to you and your handsome little boy!

  5. So glad you have good news! Hope the doctors can find the source of the problem soon, and that it's not too severe!

  6. You are wonderful, Robin! You are a beautiful person and really inspired me! And I have something for you on my blog.

  7. Ok, I have tears in my eyes now. Relieved for you, so touched by the outpouring of your family to fast & pray for you, and praying that you'll get the answers you need soon & that he's never sick like this again in Jesus name:)

  8. Relieved and happy for you.

    You simply would not be human,if you didn't break over something like this. Always a mother first.

  9. Glad the news is getting better!

  10. I'm so glad to hear that the outlook is much brighter. And I'm not a bit surprised that the facade broke!

  11. Seeing it this afternoon. Loved all the books, read them after I heard about it at RWA Nationals in 2010. My middle schooler daughter read all of them too so she's going with me. It prompted lots of good discussions about war and humanity between the pair of us, & even inspired a book idea in me:) Bringing tissues for sure!!