Friday, March 2, 2012

YOU Have a Full Request. Totally not kidding.

Yup, that's what it feels like to get a full request.
Janet Reid (also known as Query Shark) is doing a pay-it-forward "contest" that really sounds more like a general call for fulls. They're looking for the next Elizabeth Norris, whose debut novel UNRAVELING is coming out on April 24, 2012.

Any genre.

Contest opened March 1st (the same day Janet closed to normal queries) and stops accepting submissions on March 15th. The winner will be announced on April 24, 2012, which is UNRAVELING's publication date.

Go here for complete contest details and here to get your questions answered .

Best part? The prize. Trust me on this and go see. (But only if you're a debut author without an agent.)

So who's gonna play? *Gives stink-eye to the competition*


  1. This sounds like a sweet deal...but how many entries are there going to be? A million? I don't like those odds. Look at me being Negative Nelly. Sorry.

  2. AWESOME! Thanks for passing this on :)

  3. I sent Janet Reid a link on twitter for watching a baby sloth in pajamas. She really liked it. That's about my experience with Janet Reid.

  4. Thanks so much for the heads up, Robin. I entered. Couldn't hurt. Of course, I'll be waiting a year to hear anything. But who knows...

  5. i will, but only because i'm such a follower!

  6. Thanks so much for letting us know about this!

  7. So glad you're all joining me! When you win, can I sneak along in your luggage? It's only fair.