Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Contest Alert: Christmas in July (and a chance for a query crit by yours truly)

Yanno, someday, someone will read my blog, find out about a cool contest, compete against me, win, get an agent, sign a publishing contract, and probably won't even put me in their book acknowledgements. And that's okay, because this way I can just assume that everyone who places above me in contests I announce learned about them here. And I can claim bragging rights. Go me.

So here's your next chance to show me up:

This is being hosted by the awesome Michelle Krys and her partner in coolness, Ruth Lauren Steven.

During a 9-hour window (6 a.m. EST - 3 p.m. EST) on July 9th (that's 2 weeks from yesterday), would-be participants will email their queries and first 500 words to lottiehumphries14 (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk. (And isn't it cool that they're in the UK?) Michelle and Ruth will then read and pre-judge all entrants.

On July 13, they'll announce 30 finalists (15 per blog), who will have a chance to polish their queries with feedback from the hosts before 10 (yes, 10) agents have a look-see.

The contest is open to ALL genres except for erotica.

See here/here and here/here for more details, then spread the word using the hashtag #XmasinJuly on Twitter.

Now, since my own query just went through some major revisions, does anyone want to volunteer to have their own query torn apart right here on my blog over the next week? If so, email me at robinweekswriter [at] gee mail [dot] com. I'll accept two, at most, first come, first served. You can be anonymous, if you prefer, though your friends will probably recognize your query, should they stop by. As I've mentioned before, I'm not the best at doing it right, but I am starting to figure out when things are done wrong.


  1. Such a cool contest/giveaway! I'll tweet for you.

  2. I would really, really love to have my querry torn apart in preparation for the contest.

    1. Coolness. Email it to me a soon as you can and I'll tear it apart and post it on Thursday for everyone else to have a go.

      Um, you have a thick skin, right? *evil*

  3. Robin, please tear my query apart too. Sending now.
    *applying extra layers on skin*

    1. Oh, this is gonna be fun.

      I'll be "me" and I'll let you be "Robin," k?

      Randy and Robin are the first takers and that's all I can promise to get done by the contest. If anyone else wants to sign up for the "if I have time" list, let me know.

      Robin, I just got your query so if I don't have Randy's by 5 pm MST, I'll post yours first. Maybe tomorrow....

  4. Ahhh too bad my manuscript is too far away from being ready by then!

  5. i've had my query critted a ton. maybe i will give it a go, since i will be sending it out soon...

    i acknowledge your offer & contest ad! thank you!!