Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Blog Hop

I'm a sucker for just about anything Brenda Drake does these days. She has tons of awesome contests and is an all-around awesome person. I am in awe of her awesomeness. Truly.

So when she starts a Thanksgiving Blog Hop during the month when all my creativity (and some I'm siphoning from my kids as they sleep) is going to NaNoWriMo, I figure this is a no-brainer.

And the first thing I'm thankful for are online friends, like Brenda, who critique my stories and queries, talk me off of ledges, kick my butt for NaNo, and are just all-around awesome. I'd list them all, but I'd forget someone and that would ruin it. Basically, if you're reading this: thanks. :)


  1. I didn't join the online writing community until after I wrote my first manuscript. I missed out! The community is supportive and awesome, especially with people like Brenda who are paying it forward with all her awesome events.

    1. It's so much more fun when you know other people who are all trying to do the same thing, right? Also, harder to stop writing--you'd have to say good bye!

  2. After finishing my third book I finally decided it was time to join Twitter and start a blog - crazy, but true...While I probably accomplished more actual writing in "the dark ages" (not literally dark, just for me personally since I worked without benefit of online writing community perks), it would've been a lot more fun if I'd known about all the great people I've met since. Making up for lost time...

  3. Aww, thank you, Chiquita! I have to say that it wasn't until I joined the online community that my writing improved. There have been many writers who helped me along the way, supported and cheered me on. They have since gone of to book deals and I don't see them around as much. I guess it's like passing the torch. I like the "pay-it-forward" mantra.

  4. Thank _you_ for being such a support during GUTGAA and for the 'how to write a pitch' posts.

  5. The online writing community is pretty great. It's comforting to know people are in the same boat with you and there is so much support out there when you need it. Good luck with your NaNo...keep writing!

  6. Online friends are the best! I love the writing community.