Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Pitch Wars!!!

I'm still struggling through NaNo, as you can see in my sidebar. I'm a little behind, but I'm catching up. I can do this!

Of course, it's made harder when awesome contests pop up toward the end of the month. The good news is that November 26 is just the start of the information-gathering stage. December 5 is when the real fun starts.

Go here for full deets

This is another awesome contest by the inestimable Brenda Drake. It's gonna be awesome. Well, I hope. There's also a chance I'll be outta-luck when none of the mentors pick me. I'm just not gonna think about that. Of COURSE the mentors will love me! They'll be fighting over me! (It could happen.)

So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?


  1. I'm revising my book right now, so I don't think I'll join, but it does sound like loads of fun!

  2. Pitch Wars sounds great. I think I'll join. But wait, that means Id be competing against you.

    How fun!!!