Friday, November 4, 2011

Blog-Day Winners and NaNo

Should I talk about NaNo first? Or winners?

Okay, okay. NaNo it is.

Today is day four and I haven't written yet today (darn day-job,anyway), but I have high hopes of breaking the 4000 word mark today. Which isn't as far as I should be, but there's the whole weekend ahead of me to catch up, right?

I was actually going to travel to visit family this weekend, but 1) my husband has a migraine and can't travel and 2) snow's a-comin' and I don't want to be alone with my boys, driving in a blizzard, and 3) I'd planned to write during the drive so I could keep up with NaNo... but that's hard to do if I'm the one driving.

I have friends (Donna Weaver and Owasm) who are burning it up for NaNo. They're quite intimidating. Over 10,000 words already. It's DAY 4, PEOPLE! That's like 2500 words a day--except they had that yesterday, after 3 days of writing, so it's more like 3000 words a day. How am I supposed to compete with that?

Oh, right. It's not a competition. Except against that 50,000 word mark. Can we all say "grueling?" Good job.

For those of you skipping ahead, you can start reading now.

The $10 gift card winners are.... always amazes me with its seeming un-randomness. Chantele was the first commenter, and Eric was the last (save Susan, who'd commented earlier). Who'd have predicted that? :)

I'm off to email you both. Thanks to everyone who commented and tweeted, etc. You guys are the best.


  1. No, YOU are the best!! Thank you!! And congrats to Eric!! :D

  2. Thank you very much. It is a nice surprise. I guess there is a reason you are one of my favorite cousins (and that was even before this contest)

  3. Congrats to Chantele and Eric! And happy "birthday"! :)

  4. Way to go, Chantele and Eric!

    Robin, it's not a competition because we're all rooting for each other. And after my epic fail last year I'm determined to finish this story. I owe it to my granddaughter who is the main character after all. My reputation as a grandmother is on the line. ;)

  5. my first day of nano was a dismal failure, but I made it up yesterday. You've got the weekend. Take it and run with it. :)

  6. Chantele and Eric--congrats!! You both deserve it.


    Donna--that's the ticket! I'll name a character after one of my sons! That'll motivate me! :)

    Julie--yay! You're playing, too? I'm off to a great weekend start. Almost 500 words already today. *hangs head* Maybe things will pick up after lunch.

  7. You can write in the car? That is more impressive than 10,000 words :)

  8. Angela: I can do all sorts of things in a car. Read, write, play games, change clothes.... Good thing, too, 'cause hubby loves to travel. :)

  9. Why is it I never win anything? ;)
    Congrats to Chantele and Eric!