Friday, December 9, 2011

Winner! ...but first, some housecleaning

My mom always made me do my chores before I could play, so bear with me for just a sec....

The Guess Your Character's Age Blogfest is ongoing through December 10: see and critique my entry here.

You can still enter to win a copy of FIRESPELL by Danyelle Leafty. I've adjusted the rules to allow you to enter by posting about the contest on any social media site, or by telling a real-life person. Go here to enter.

And, finally, the winner of NIGHTINGALE is... Erin Edwards!
Congrats, Erin! I'll email your code for the enhanced ebook to you right away.

P.S. I was sitting at 199 followers for a long time... and suddenly, I was at 201! Now I'm at 202! But I COMPLETELY MISSED 200! Didn't see it at all! Celebrating now seems anticlimactic, but wow. I'm OVER 200. You guys are the best. :)


  1. Congrats to Erin. I've got my copy and am excited to read it.

    And congrats to breaking 200. I'm two away from a benchmark, too. Funny how it can move like crazy and then suddenly stop before careening forward again.

  2. Donna--no kidding. I think I was at 196 for a month. And so nice of you to so diplomatically neglect to mention that you're 2 away from 500!!! :D

  3. Yay Robin!
    Yay Erin!
    Yay Donna!
    Yay, yay, yay!
    I like celebrating. Celebrating's my favorite. ;)

  4. Yeah!!!! I'm so excited to see this new version of a ebook that David Farland has created. I want to compare it to a "plain version" so now the big question is - do I read the enhanced or regular version first? And how important is Christmas shopping, anyway? (I'm sure my kids have an answer to that question.)

    So many decisions. :)

    And congratulations on hitting more than 200 followers!

    Thanks again!