Monday, February 13, 2012


I spent the last three days at LTUE and it. Was. AWESOME! But I'll have to give you the report(s) later.



I drove down Wednesday in time for dinner with my mom, sister, niece, and nephew, then drove to Donna's house, chatted with her and two other LTUE house-crashing friends (whose blogs I'm too lazy to link to at this moment), then got up at 5:45 (!!!) so we could be there by 7 but we were late because parking was FREAKING FAR AWAY, then I ran around the conference all day long, left at about 7, dinner, late to bed, up at 6:30, back to LTUE at 8, more running for 14 hours, late to bed again, up early to pack my junk and get there by 8 again, running until 5:30 when I went back to Donna's house for my junk and vehicle, picked up my bro's gf, drove to Sandy, dinner with bro, gf, sister, her dh, up late talking to the fam at my mom's house, up early so I could leave by 8, drove allllll the way home in time for 12:30 church, arrived at 12:00 to find my own dh hadn't written the 8-year-old's talk, wrote the talk, rushed to church, endured a meeting then choir practice after church, home for dinner, did a little email catch-up, a bit of TV, unpacking, some reading (yay reading!) before bed, and I'll be back to the day-job Monday, and if you think this sentence is long IMAGINE how I feel.

*Sets the blog to post at 7:30 am Monday morning*

*Resolves not to read TOO late*

*Misses LTUE*

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  1. I enjoyed hearing you speak about podcasting at LTUE and listened to your podcast. My writer's group does a podcast too at I'm going to post about the podcasting panel on my blog this week.