Thursday, September 13, 2012

GUTGAA Reminder, Another Contest, and My Non-Writer Conference Life

Tomorrow is the day to submit to the Gearing Up to Get An Agent Pitch Contest! Go here for updated details. There are very narrow windows (I predict the windows will be less than a minute long), so you'll need to be fast with the send button--but not so fast that it gets sent before the window opens! Good luck! (And wish me luck!) Starting next Monday, 40 of the entries will be posted on this-here blog, so please come back and help critique the lucky ones! :)

Then, these folks from Writer Therapy:

...are having a First Page contest that you simply must get in on. Everybody's doing it. Go! Go!

Finally, for the second week in a row, I'm at a conference that is NOT a writer's conference. Last weekend was a woman's retreat-type conference with my MIL and SIL's and this time it's for work. Same city. Wanna know the main difference between writer's conferences and other kinds of conferences? At a writer's conference (if you're me or with me or near me), you are totally excited to meet everyone near you. You exchange cards and stalk each other on twitter. You become BFF's and scrutinize each other's work. At other conferences, you pretty much talk to people you know and maybe casually chit-chat with the nice people you bump into.

Yes, I know I should network more with non-writers, too.

Do you ever go to non-writer conferences? Are you better at coming up with stuff to talk about to non-writers than I am?


  1. I don't envy you having to choose between all those awesome pitches! It'll be bunch of fun though.

    1. The beauty is, I don't have to choose! I'm a host, not a judge. :D I totally see your point, though, and do NOT envy the judges.

  2. I do attend nonwriter conferences, and I'm probably chattier there because I've been doing my job a long time and served 7 years on the state board, so I know more people. lol