Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's here! Slayers: Friends and Traitors!

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There's something about dragons that makes geeks like me geek-out. I have absolutely no idea why we so adore giant flying lizards known to roast virgins for lunch, but, well, we do. Probably because they're imaginary. I can't see us holding the same love if our loved ones started getting barbecued on a regular basis.

The Slayers series by Janette Rallison CJ Hill proves my point: dragons might be pretty and sort of awesome, but when if you're ever given a chance to meet one... run. Run fast. Actually, better if you can fly. (Not that that will save you.)

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of Slayers: Friends and Traitors and I. LOVE. IT! It's the perfect continuation from book one, with teenagers acting like teenagers would if they had superpowers and were instructed NOT to contact anyone from camp over the school year. Also, if the danger they thought they had years to prepare for was happening... oh... NOW. Lots of awesome high-flying action sequences and on-the-ground intrigue. And high-flying intrigue. And on-the-ground action.

Have I mentioned that you can't grow up with the name of a bird without loving all things that can fly?

One of these is for a giveaway. Both are awesome.
I asked CJ for a character interview, so she, um, attempted to interview Jessie, one of the hot guys you can see on the cover of Friends and Traitors, the book up there on the right. He was kind of squirrely, but can you blame him?
CJ: So I’ve had requests for a blog where I interview my characters and I thought it would be fun to try. I’ve got Jesse here with me today. He’s captain of the Slayers’ Team Magnus. (I shuffle through my papers because I’m disorganized and can never find what I’m looking for the first time around) Okay, Jesse, here’s my first question: How do you feel about having superhero powers?

Jesse: (looking squarely back at me) I don’t know what you’re talking about.

CJ: You know, the power of flight . . . the extra strength . . . night vision . . .

Jesse: You must have me confused with someone else.

CJ: I’m pretty sure I don’t. After all, I did create you. I’m your author.

Jesse: (shifting uncomfortably in his chair) I’m just an average teenage guy.

CJ: Except that you fight dragons.

Jesse: (sending me one of his intense glares) Look, if you’re really the author, you know that certain facts about me are supposed to be kept secret.

CJ: But . . . I mean . . . being a Slayer isn’t really a secret. You’re on the cover holding a weapon . . .

Jesse: Would you want me telling your secret identity to everyone?

CJ: I don’t have a secret identity.

Jesse: Really CJ, or should I call you Janette Rallison?

CJ: That’s a pen name, not a secret identity.

Jesse: Pen name, alias, secret identity—it’s all pretty much the same. It means you’ve got something to hide.

CJ: (putting my papers down) Um, okay. I guess that concludes my interview with Jesse, the average teenage guy, who isn’t necessarily a descendant of the knights who killed off most of the dragons during the Middle Ages. Can I at least say that dragons are coming back and a dragon lord is using them to take down the government?

Jesse: You can say it, but no one will believe you.

CJ: Right. Thanks for coming, Jesse. (To myself) Next time I’m so interviewing Tori instead.

I'm going to have to catch Tori's interview, too.

Anyway, Janette has been one of my favorite authors for years and years, and I was thrilled when she branched out in to urban fantasy. I'm loving the Slayers series and honestly still can't decide which guy I want Tori to end up with. Just when one seems obvious.... Ah, I'll just stop there and let you read them yourself.

To that end, Janette has given me a copy of Slayers to pass along to one lucky blog reader. I'm sort of torn about it, though. I mean, I HAVE a copy of Slayers, of course, and it's personalized and everything, but it has the old cover with the egg on it. And I love that cover, but this one has a DRAGON on the front! But, well, the letter that came with it said I had to give it away, so I guess I will. Unless there are no entrants. Then I'm keeping it.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Book Launch for AWAKENING by Christy Dorrity--With a Giveaway!

Christy and I met simply ages ago when we were both writing books with the same name (only she spelled hers "Geis" and I was using the so-much-cooler "Geas"). We bonded over the insanity that was the general ignorance of the SFF-writing community as to the definition of the word... and the sad fact that it was probably hard to market a book when no one understood the name.

I eventually changed the name of mine completely to the oh-so-much-better Dusted (which is still sitting on a virtual shelf somewhere around here, waiting for some needed edits), and Christy titled hers Awakening: Book One of The Geis. AND she got her awesome husband to create a to-die-for (or by) cover for it. AND she's published it!

She totally wins.

Anyway, while I pretend not to be bitter, read up on the awesomeness that is her debut novel, then enter the giveaway below.

About the Book

. . . because some Celtic stories won’t be contained in myth.

A little magic has always run in sixteen-year-old McKayla McCleery's family—at least that’s what she’s been told. McKayla’s eccentric Aunt Avril travels the world as a psychic for the FBI, and her mother can make amazing delicacies out of the most basic of ingredients. But McKayla doesn't think for a second that the magic is real—it’s just good storytelling. Besides, McKayla doesn’t need magic. She recently moved to beautiful Star Valley, Wyoming, and already she has a best friend, a solo in her upcoming ballet recital—and the gorgeous guy in her physics class keeps looking her way.

When an unexpected fascination with Irish dance leads McKayla to seek instruction from the mute, crippled janitor at her high school, she learns that her family is not the only one with unexplained abilities. After Aunt Avril comes to Star Valley in pursuit of a supernatural killer, people begin disappearing, and the lives of those McKayla holds most dear are threatened.

When the janitor reveals that an ancient curse, known as a geis, has awakened deadly powers that defy explanation, McKayla is forced to come to terms with what is real and what is fantasy. A thrilling debut novel based in Celtic mythology, Awakening is a gripping young adult fantasy rife with magic, romance, and mystery.

Awakening (The Geis, #1)

Praise for Awakening

"AWAKENING is a wonder and a delight. Christy Dorrity is a talent to watch."
~David Farland, New York Times bestselling author of Nightingale

"I thoroughly enjoyed AWAKENING, a captivating and unique debut novel that creatively integrates Irish dance."
~ CHRIS NAISH, Riverdance member and Creative Director of Fusion Fighters Irish dancers.
About the Author

Christy Dorrity lives in the mountains with her husband, five children, and a cocker spaniel. She grew up on a trout ranch in Star Valley, Wyoming, and is the author of The Geis series for young adults, and The Book Blogger’s Cookbooks. Christy is a champion Irish dancer and when she’s not reading or writing, she’s probably trying out a new recipe in the kitchen.

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Ready for the giveaway?

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Congrats, Christy!